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Pressures That Drive Women Towards an Abortion (and how we can help)

What pressures drive women towards an abortion? In this article, we will explore that question using research from the Guttmacher Institute, as well as explain how LC Medical & Support can offer women some relief from these pressures.

Whenever a woman is considering an abortion, we know that every decision is a difficult one. In our experience, if a woman desires to schedule an abortion, she is most likely under extreme pressure in her current situation. This pressure can be internal, external, or a bit of both. The decision to abort may often feel like a woman’s only option, which we understand. Researchers at the Guttmacher Institute helped establish a few of the primary reasons that a woman might feel pressured towards an abortion. Take a look at their findings below, along with our efforts to relieve these various pressures.


Research Findings

In a study that included over 1,200 abortion patients, the reasons most frequently cited for their abortion were:

Having a child would interfere with her education/work or ability to care for dependents (74%)

She could not afford a baby now (73%)

She did not want to be a single mother or was having relationship problems (48%)


How Do We Help A Woman Who Feels These Pressures?

Before we dive into what we do, we just want to say that these pressures and emotions that women may feel are very real and understandable. An unexpected pregnancy comes with a whirlwind of new decisions and feelings. We get it, and we care deeply for any woman experiencing any of this. In no way are we minimizing or ignoring the difficulty one may have with the news of an unexpected pregnancy.

1. Offering Her a Calm & Supportive Environment

One of the very first ways that LC Medical & Support can relieve pressure in a woman’s life is by creating a safe and tranquil place for her to come for answers. We are constantly looking for ways to communicate our compassion towards our clients and their situations. 

When a patient is in our office and considering her options, we listen to her, we answer her questions, and we help her process her emotions. We are here for her health and well-being. Above all, we offer her support and a hopeful outlook on her situation. Because for us, no situation is hopeless. 

2. Empowering & Taking Care of Her

As stated above, many women looking for an abortion think that having a child will negatively interfere with her aspirations or responsibilities. Unfortunately, our world is often repeating this idea to women, even before they become pregnant. It is so disheartening to hear the message that a woman has to forfeit her dreams and duties because of her pregnancy. At LC Medical, rather than giving up on women, we empower them! Moms are some of the toughest and most driven people in our society. There are so many stories of women who became pregnant and still accomplished all that she wanted and more. 

An unexpected pregnancy may change your situation, but that does not close the door on a degree, a career, or any of your goals. We are here to offer you the resources and support to be the strong and capable woman that we know you are!

3. Offering Her Helpful Education

So many women come to us with a variety of questions and uncertainties. The education we offer at LC Medical is intended to equip these women with answers that will make them confident and courageous. We offer information on all of a woman’s pregnancy options, including a lot of information on abortion. Our list of free classes includes topics like: Trimester Expectations, Budgeting, Childbirthing, Parenting Toddlers, Infant Development, Personal Nutrition, and many more. 

There is virtually no question that a woman can have that we will not be able to help her with. Because women deserve to be educated and to have the resources she needs to make wise and informed choices for her life.

4. Being a Free Resource in Her Life

Finally, when it comes to an unexpected pregnancy, a big pressure on a woman is her financial well-being. We know that a pregnancy can be financially difficult, which is why every single one of our services comes at absolutely no cost to her. 

Pregnancy testing? Free.

Options counseling and informational materials? Free.

Confirmation ultrasound? Free.

Classes and baby materials? Free.

Health referrals? Free.

Support and care? Free.

In a world where everything is expensive, LC Medical is proud to never charge our patients for any of our helpful services. Because your health matters to us. You have a right to the resources that you need.

At LC Medical & Support, it is our mission to remove stress and pressure from the lives of women who feel like abortion is the only way to handle an unexpected pregnancy. The goal here is to provide a safe and welcoming environment where women can process through their options and goals. We never shame a woman for considering abortion; we want everyone to leave our offices feeling completely loved.


If you know any woman who is considering an abortion, please connect her with us. We understand the pressures that drive women towards an abortion and can help relieve a bit of stress in her life. Our goal is not to increase the pressure, but to give her space to make an informed and confident decision. Visit our contact page for all of our contact information!


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