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Valuing Life: A Community Effort

At LC Medical & Support Services, a defining factor of our organization is that we are unshakably committed to the idea of valuing life. 

This concept defines our work, our staff, and our mission. We believe that every human life is inherently valuable and deserving of love. The services we offer are designed to remind people that they are important and worthy of care. It is our goal to help create a world that values every single stage of life, beginning at the moment of conception.

While we are absolutely committed to this goal, we know that it will take more than just what we do at LC Medical & Support Services. Positive societal change may start with a small effort, but it takes entire families, churches and towns to truly shift our communities towards valuing life. 

Why Do We Value Human Life?

The answer to this question is very simple to us at LC Medical & Support Services: we value life because God values life. 

It’s no secret - we are a faith-based organization, grounded in biblical truth. We serve a God who is constantly reminding His creation that He loves, cares and protects. Humans are God’s most-prized beings of His creation. He makes that abundantly clear in His Word. We value human life because we know that every human being is an image-bearer of the Lord. 

God shows how much He values human life through His mercy and salvation through Jesus Christ. God died for human lives to be saved and restored, not just on Earth, but also in eternity. 

We are in awe of the dignity and power that the Lord showers on us by calling us His own. We know that every single human being is worthy of life and forgiveness, because He says so. To devalue human lives, to refuse them care, to be unloving…this goes against the very character of God. That is why valuing life is so important, because every human is precious and beautiful by definition.

What Does Valuing Life Look Like?

Below are some practical ways that you can commit to valuing human life. We’ve broken these ideas up into a few different categories, because valuing life can start small and grow to community-wide efforts. At LC Medical & Support Services, our work is just the beginning. We thank you for your desire to join us in our mission of loving and valuing every human life.

Valuing Life as an Individual

As with most things, choosing to value life starts on an individual level. Sometimes, people may struggle to value the lives of others, simply because they struggle to value their own life. It is so sad, but we see so many people who walk around and have no idea how valuable they are as a person. They think their choices and experiences are meaningless, and they feel no sense of self. Valuing life starts with believing what God says about you. All throughout the Bible, there is the truth that you matter. Your choices matter. You have a purpose. You are loved. This is a huge step of faith, but we challenge you today to consider the truth that your life is inherently valuable.

Valuing Life on a Peer Level

Oftentimes, showing that you value someone’s life begins simply by noticing them. This means opening your eyes to truly see the people you interact with. What are their lives like? Do you listen to their stories? Do you see their struggles? Do you act in a way that leaves them feeling respected and safe? 

We are at a point in society where most of the time, our eyes are down. Our attention is often fixed closely on what is right in front of us. Committing to value life means a daily effort to lift up your eyes and acknowledge the lives around you. Talk to someone kindly. Offer to help a neighbor. Open your heart to care for someone you may not know very well. Small things like this can transform your interactions and let others know they mean something to you.

Valuing Life Regardless of Age or Station

Valuing life is a relatively simple concept, but that doesn’t always make it effortless. At LC Medical & Support Services, we are founded on the truth that human life begins at the moment of its conception, and we work hard to save the lives that are unexpected and unwanted. This dedication does not only apply to unborn children, but to any human life that is overlooked.

Coming to the conclusion that every human being is deserving of life and a chance can mean ridding yourself of prejudices and going out of your way to speak for those who are voiceless. A human’s value does not change based on their age, station, beliefs, or past mistakes. Challenge yourself to do something that restores dignity and value to a life that has otherwise been forgotten.

Valuing Life on a Community Level

By now, anyone can see that the task of valuing life is no small thing. Our individual actions are wildly important, but imagine if entire communities were also committed to valuing human lives, no matter the cost? How can we make this happen? 

  • One amazing way to do this is to support organizations like us! LC Medical & Support Services is 100% non-profit, so our services are offered completely cost-free. Through pregnancy confirmation, options information, and parenting support, we aim to diminish the pressures that drive women towards abortion. We believe in those women and those babies. Their lives and stories matter. Your support helps us to be a free community resource that values every life. 

  • In addition to us, there are many non-profit organizations that also do incredible work to care for the lives in your community. Research ways that you can get involved with an organization and join in the life valuing-mission. 

  • Have good conversations with community members about the importance of human life. Don’t shy away from addressing the issues you see around you. Encourage others to consider committing to value life. 

  • Ignite change and spark ideas for how we can better see the under-valued in our towns and neighborhoods. Your voice is powerful. If you see a need in your community, you can do something about it! Write to your local government and be honest about things that concern you. Gather friends and family to do good in your community.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I [Jesus] have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” - John 10:10



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