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LC Rebranding: Why the Change?

If you follow our organization, then you have probably noticed a few recent changes to our overall look. Our social media pages, our materials, and language we use for our ministry has lately been in the process of a soft rebrand. New names, new colors, updated logo…why make all of these changes? Explore our reasoning and thought processes for the LC rebranding in this article.

Here at Life’s Choices, we are constantly in the process of evaluating how to reach more people in our communities. If someone finds themself in need of something we offer, we want their process of finding us to be as easy as possible. The changes we have been making lately are all directed toward the goal of becoming more approachable to the public.

Two Centers, Two Sets of Services

Our first step in the LC rebranding process involved consolidating the services offered at our two centers. Previously, both Life’s Choices centers offered all of the same services (except ultrasounds, which was only in Kutztown). Each office offered pregnancy testing, options consulting, STD testing/treatment, parenting/pregnancy classes, relationship mentoring, baby materials, and a few other services. This worked well, but it was a difficult load for our staff to handle. It also made it difficult to create an atmosphere where women considering an abortion were not surrounded by baby-themed items. Our goal is to educate on the facts and risks of abortion, while also providing support and encouragement toward choosing life, but we want to do that without making the woman feel uncomfortable or pressured. She has enough of that in her life already.

To remedy this, we consolidated all medical services to our Kutztown location and all social support services to Hamburg. In Kutztown, we now only offer STI testing/treatment, pregnancy testing, ultrasound services, health referrals and pregnancy/abortion information. In Hamburg, we now only offer parenting/pregnancy resources, classes, baby/maternity items, relationship mentoring, case management, and social service referrals. This helps each office to focus on professionalism and excellence in their category.

Both offices are still very much connected, and there will often be some overlap between what each office can provide for a patient. We simply wanted to make it easier, so if someone calls us and needs a specific service, we know exactly where to direct them so they can get the quality help they deserve.

New Names

Our next step in the LC rebranding was to figure out how to present these two offices to the public, while also communicating that they were part of the same organization. This began a conversation about our name. For years, our centers in Kutztown and Hamburg, PA have been known as “Life’s Choices” offices, but we are now moving in a slightly different direction. After much deliberation, we decided upon replacing “Life’s Choices” with “LC” and naming our centers based on the services they offer. Our Kutztown center will be known as “LC Medical” and our Hamburg center will be known as “LC Support”

Please know that our overall organization is still Life’s Choices. Our donors and supporters will know us as Life’s Choices – and our mission and purpose will not change. The change to “LC” was directed toward effectively marketing to our potential clients.

As we rebranded, our goal was to make it easier to 1) find us and 2) understand what we offer. Advertising and promotion are vitally important to communicating our message and maintaining our image. Potential patients, especially in the college-age range, have to know that we are a reputable, legitimate, and necessary resource to the community. We wanted our name and our look to communicate that very clearly.

Updated Look

Since we were making changes to the names of our centers, we figured it was a good time to also update our overall look. Nothing was wrong with our old look, but doing something new is fun! There was some talk about replacing the lotus flower with something different, but we liked the message of the lotus flower so much that we couldn’t do that. The symbol of the lotus brings thoughts to mind of refreshment, calmness, and new life. These are three things that we are committed to promoting at our centers.

So, the flower stayed, it just got a bit of sprucing up, along with our colors. Our main color is now a bright, inviting blue, along with a few complimentary colors. Both centers will be sporting this new look, so keep an eye out for new signs, promo materials, and LC merch to get our name out there!

New Color Palette

To close, we wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years. It is such an honor to partner with you and to share these fun updates with our people! We do this work as a result of generous donations from people who care, and we hope that these changes will help our presence and our reach grow exponentially. As a reminder of why we work so hard to be excellent in all we do, here is a quote from a recent client. We were so happy to be there when she needed us!

“I just wanted to say thank you to you guys because if it wasn’t for that 1st appointment with you guys and hearing her little heartbeat I don’t know what we would have done. But I’m extremely grateful that we decided to be parents, I honestly can’t imagine my life without my daughter. So thank you!”LC Client, Kutztown

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