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Invest in Your Relationship this Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day — the holiday of red roses and heart-shaped chocolate! While we, too, love thoughtful gestures and sweet treats at Life’s Choices, we believe that it takes more than romantic wooing for a relationship to thrive. A healthy relationship takes time and effort to cultivate.

That’s why we’re dedicated to providing resources for couples and families throughout Berks County that will help promote healthy relationships, whether romantic or familial.


Did you know we offer FREE relationship classes at both our Kutztown and Hamburg, Pennsylvania offices? We also offer a variety of other classes, too! All of our classes are one-on-one with your own personal coach, catered to your schedule and no cost to you!

One of our favorite class resources for relationships and families is BrightCourse. From healthy boundaries to cohabitation to anger management and much more, BrightCourse offers a variety of topics to choose from to help your relationships grow and thrive. But available subjects extend beyond just relationships. Clients can pick from a vast library of topics including pregnancy, birth, parenting, life skills and more! And through Life’s Choices, all classes are completely free.

Clients who attend classes earn points for needed items including diapers, baby supplies or gift cards to local stores. To top it off, if both parties attend the classes, they get double the points!


In addition to our relationship and family classes, Life’s Choices offers relationship mentorship. Some of the resources we love to share with clients who come in for mentoring are the books/booklets by Jason and Crystalina Evert of the Chastity Project. Some of the couple-based topics we discuss include healthy communication, conflict resolution and more.

Clients who read the book/booklet and come in to discuss it with us earn a free gift card to a local coffee shop!


We would love to be a free resource for you as you seek to invest in your relationship! Schedule your relationship class today, or give us a call today (Kutztown: 610-683-8000, Hamburg: 484-660-3526).


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