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8 Facts About the Abortion Pill

Life’s Choices is all about women’s health! Sadly, many other health resources that profit from abortion services neglect to do their duty to women and withhold valuable information about the abortion pill. In order to respect your right to know what the abortion pill is and what it can do, here are 8 facts about the abortion pill that every woman should know.

We love to see strong and capable females making the best choices for their lives. A big part of choosing the best for yourself is having all of the information you need to make a healthy decision. This is especially true if a woman is considering an abortion. One of the most common abortion procedures is something known as a medical abortion. This is also known as the abortion pill. 

Abortion Pill? Abortion Pills is More Accurate

A medication abortion is a two-step process that involves two different drugs. The first step requires the oral ingestion of Mifeprex, which blocks progesterone, interrupting pregnancy development prompting detachment of implanted embryo.

24-48 hours after taking Mifeprex, the second drug, Misoprostol, is taken. Misoprostol induces contractions to empty the uterus. If these drugs are taken, a follow-up appointment at a healthcare center should be done to ensure the abortion is complete.

2. 10-Week Time Limit

This method of abortion is only for women who are within 10 weeks pregnant, about 70 days since their last menstrual period. Women with later-term pregnancies are seriously warned against the abortion pill, as it can cause complications. The abortion pill will not work as intended and could lead to dangerous health situations if taken too late. It is important to know how far along you are before committing to a medication abortion.

An ultrasound will be able to give you a reliable age of the pregnancy (something we offer to women at no-cost!).

Contact us today by calling/texting this number: 610-683.8000

3. Online Rx: Fast, But Not Always Reliable

Abortion medication like Mifeprex can be purchased over the internet, but it may not be the same that is offered at a medical office. Do not buy Mifeprex over the internet because you will bypass important safeguards designed to protect your health. Mifeprex has special safety restrictions on how it is distributed to the public.

Drugs purchased from foreign internet sources are not the FDA approved version and are not subject to FDA manufacturing controls or quality inspections.

4. The Pill’s Track Record is Far From Perfect

There is an 8-10% failure of abortion pills, requiring a surgical abortion to complete the termination. This means that as many as 1 in 10 medication abortions becoming a multi-step health process, costing the patient more money and putting her at serious health risk.

This failure of the abortion pill can be especially scary for someone who has bought the medication from a web source. They do not have a medical professional set up specifically to help with this sort of care, so a completely new appointment will have to be made. In addition, there will be no way for medical professionals to ascertain what exactly was in the pills taken.

5. It is FDA-Approved…Kind Of

The FDA has approved Mifeprex for use only up to 70 days from LMP (last menstrual period). Deviations from the approved regimen increase the risk of harmful complications. Mifeprex is not proven to be as effective after 10 weeks since your LMP. Women with abnormal cycles are especially warned to be careful about Mifeprex.

*This FDA-approval is not ensured if you order abortion pills over the internet; it is incredibly difficult to know if mail-order drugs from foreign websites are safe.

6. Fetus Development at 10 Weeks May Be More Than You Think

Not much is happening in those first 10 weeks right? Maybe think again. That fetus is definitely growing. Many women aren’t aware that these changes are happening very early on in the pregnancy:

  1. Heart begins to beat

  2. Brain, spinal cord, and nerves develop

  3. Face takes shape with eyes, nose, ears, and upper lip

  4. All limbs form with bones along with fingers and toes

  5. Internal reproductive organs are forming

  6. Brain connections are forming

  7. Movement begins

7. Mifeprex and Misoprostol ≠ Tylenol

The abortion pill is sometimes advertised to be as simple and safe as Tylenol, or some other over-the-counter drug. Unfortunately, many women can attest that this is not the case. Hemorrhaging (failure to stop bleeding), cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, infection are a few side effects associated with a medication abortion.

The abortion pill is not advised for women with anemia, bleeding disorders, liver or kidney disease, seizure disorder, acute inflammatory bowel disease, who have an IUD, or are unable to return to a healthcare facility for a follow-up visit.

8. Side Effects of the Abortion Pill: Not Just Physical

An abortion is a physical procedure which can have some physical side effects, but many women have reported mental and emotional side effects after having an abortion. Here at Life’s Choices, we have no desire to put unnecessary pressure or negativity into your situation. But as a woman, you deserve to know all of the possibilities of an abortion.

Women who undergo the experience of an abortion, no matter which method, tend to experience some of these general side effects:

Feelings of Sadness or Loss: 55.8%

Fears concerning future pregnancies: 36.9%

Nightmares: 30%

Withdrawal from family and friends: 30%

Increase in alcohol or drug use: 26.7%

Difficulty controlling anger: 24%

Relationship ended with partner: 19.8%

We encourage women to continue their research and dig deeper into what the abortion pill really entails. In our experience (and we have a lot of it), abortion is never as easy or simple as providers claim it to be. These 8 facts about the abortion pill are trustworthy and research-based.

Women, you deserve so much more than glossed-over information or hidden facts. You deserve honesty, and you deserve optimal health. We are a reliable source of information and do not profit from your decision. To learn more or to talk to someone who cares, call or text Life’s Choices! We’d be happy to offer you reliable resources, pregnancy information, and no-cost health services!

Kutztown Office Phone Number: 610.683.8000 (call or text anytime)

These 8 facts about the abortion pill are all backed by research from reliable scientific sources:

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