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“How do I schedule a free ultrasound?”

Our team at Life’s Choices loves getting to provide free resources for women and families in the Berks County, Pennsylvania community (and beyond). One of our unique and most popular resources is our free ultrasounds. We’re sharing a little bit about why ultrasounds are important, how to schedule a free ultrasound today and what to expect when you do!


Our free and confidential ultrasounds are offered to help our clients:

  1. Detect fetal heartbeat

  2. Determine gestational age

  3. Determine a viable uterine pregnancy

We love getting to offer free options to help our clients understand their pregnancies better and see their babies for the first time. Thanks to the generous donations of our financial partners, this past year we were able to invest in a new ultrasound machine!

So, how do you schedule your free ultrasound?


It’s simple — just make an appointment online or give us a call to schedule your FREE appointment. We offer free ultrasounds every Friday at our Kutztown, Pennsylvania office from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., so pick a Friday that works for you and hold your spot today! Walk-ins are accepted if there is room in the schedule.


When you come for your appointment, a trained sonographer will perform your ultrasound. You’re welcome to bring a loved one with you during your appointment to join in this special moment!

The appointment is usually less than an hour long, and our sonographer will answer any questions for you. The ultrasound will be reviewed by our medical director, and a licensed medical professional will be available to discuss the results.

That’s it! There are no catches. It would be a blessing for us to bless you, so schedule your free appointment today.

To find out about more of the free services we offer at Life’s Choices (including Baby Bundles, prenatal and parenting classes, life skills classes, STD testing and much more), visit our website.


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