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Feeling Overwhelmed.

When the future looks overwhelming and impossible, what’s an expectant mom to do? I am the mother of three children and each one was planned and wanted. However, during my three pregnancies I clearly remember times of being completely overwhelmed about what my future would look like with this new baby part of it. With my body already experiencing the physical and mental exhaustion that comes from hormonal changes, I couldn’t imagine how I would have the energy to care for anyone else besides myself. And my second and third pregnancies brought even more overwhelming feelings, thinking about the many times when I couldn’t even manage the child/children I had! How would I take care of another one?

Since I truly wanted to grow our family, I pushed through those feelings, trusting that I would have what it took to care for my baby, along with the partnership of my husband and the support of family and friends. And that is exactly what happened. When the new baby arrived, I did what I had to do and never looked back.

While feelings of being overwhelmed are common for any expectant mom, when the pregnancy is unplanned and circumstances are difficult already, those feelings can drive a woman towards abortion. But what if, instead of feeling overwhelmed by negative fears and anxieties, a woman felt overwhelmed by things that are positive and life-giving? That’s what Life’s Choices is all about. We want a woman experiencing a crisis pregnancy to be overwhelmed by these things:


There is something about seeing that first ultrasound image on the screen that almost always brings a new mom to tears, whether she planned the pregnancy or not. Whether the image is a tiny flicker of a heartbeat at 6 weeks or the “gummy bear” stage at 9 weeks, the response is nearly always one of wonder and amazement. We often ask the new mom or dad what they are feeling at that moment. Here are some of their responses:

“I feel good. It’s my baby!”

At seven weeks pregnant the embryo was only the size of a coffee bean, but this mom understands the reality of her choice. It’s her baby.

“I feel like I’m already a dad.”

The truth is, this young man is a dad. And now he gets to make his first parenting decision. Ultimately this couple decided to parent, and their baby was born just a few weeks ago!

“Abortion is no longer an option.”

This mom was further along than she thought. Seeing her baby on the screen convinced her that she couldn’t go through with terminating the pregnancy.

When a new mom or dad recognizes that they have created a brand-new human being, it can be life changing. It is our privilege to shine the light on this miracle through ultrasound services.


When we explain to clients that all our services are free due to the generosity of our donors, they are amazed and even a bit confused. Why would someone give so generously to someone they don’t even know? At Life’s Choices there is never a fee, whether someone comes for ultrasound services, STI testing and treatment, parenting classes or material resources. Our sister organization, THRIVE, offers healthy relationship education to middle schools and high schools, a free service to the community. This is all due to the generosity of those who want to share what they have so that someone else can have the resources they need to have a great future.

A young woman came to Life’s Choices for a pregnancy test, suspecting she may be pregnant. To her surprise an ultrasound showed that she was 36 weeks along! She gave birth to a healthy, full term baby boy less than a week later. Since the couple had no time to prepare for this surprise, a Life’s Choices supporter threw them an online baby shower. Dozens of people purchased gifts from an online registry, and we delivered them to the door of the new parents by the time they came home from the hospital a few days later. There were so many items, they filled a minivan to overflowing! This gesture meant so much to the couple that the next time we showered another new mom in a similar way, they were one of the first to purchase something off the registry. They learned firsthand what an overwhelming blessing it is to be part of a generous community.


Our clients recognize that there is something different about the service they receive at Life’s Choices. Here are some of the comments our clients have shared on their exit surveys:

“They actually care about your well-being and it shows.”

“Everyone who works here seems to genuinely care.”

Many of our clients express that what they experienced at Life’s Choices was not what they expected, in a good way! There is something about the atmosphere that is noticeable from the moment someone steps in the door. Many mention a sense of peace in our office. Others comment that it feels warm and homey. There is a calming presence here that helps our clients find the space to sort out their feelings and identify solutions to the challenges they’re facing.

If you or someone you know is in need of pregnancy or parenting support in 2023, remember that we are here to help. Find out what it’s like to be overwhelmed by a caring community!


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