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College Students, We See You!

College Students, We See You!

There is an intentional and strategic reason that Life’s Choices has an office on Main St. in Kutztown, PA. And no, it is not because we are within walking distance of The Bagel Bar cafe…

We placed our office there because it places us less than a block away from Kutztown University. Why so close?

Because we care about college students!

Here at Life’s Choices, we absolutely love the younger generation, and we want to do our best by them. Which means the bulk of our efforts centers around how we can be the best free community health resource for students at KU and any surrounding schools.

We know that college life looks different for everyone, but some struggles are universal. Here is how we can be your advocate during your time at college.

To the student who feels alone:

Life’s Choices has its doors open to anyone. We work hard to make our space as open and inviting as we can, so that we can welcome and encourage the young people who walk in.

To the student who needs to talk to someone:

One of our favorite things to do is have meaningful and helpful conversations with people. We know how easy it is to feel isolated, especially in college. You can come by our office any time we are open; we’d love to sit and chat with you!

To the student who is struggling relationally:

We get it. Relationships are tough, and sometimes we just need some help. Whatever problem you are facing in a relationship, Life’s Choices is here for you with resources, help, and guidance.

To the student who might have an STD:

No one ever wants to have that fear. We offer free testing and treatment for the most common sexually transmitted infections. No charge, no insurance needed, completely confidential.

To the student who is seeking health information:

We have it! If you want to keep yourself healthy through college, we can help you do just that! There are tons of resources and services we provide that can aid you in being the healthiest you can be!

To the student who might be pregnant:

You have so many questions. We can provide some answers. Life’s Choices provides free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds that can help you determine what your next steps are. We want to help you feel less overwhelmed, so you can get the best information and make the healthiest choices for your life.

To the student who is also a parent:

We see you! We have so many ways that we can support you and help take some stress away from you. Whether it’s parenting classes, baby items, or any other need, we can help you fill it!

To the student who knows the pain of an abortion:

There is no judgment here, only love. Abortion can have an extreme emotional impact on someone, and we want you to know that our doors are still open for you to come and receive love and care. We can offer help and healing to you.

And for any other students who find themselves in need of anything, Life’s Choices is here for you. If there is something you need that we cannot directly provide, we can help you find where you need to go and refer you to trusted resources.

College students: We See You!


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