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Celebrating A Mom With Her Love Language

Celebrating A Mom With Her Love Language – May 10, 2023

In just a few days, we will be celebrating Mother’s Day, one of our favorite holidays here at Life’s Choices! We love honoring mothers and the selfless work they do for their children and families. A wonderful way to show love to a mother is by learning how to speak her love language! Here are some great ideas for how you can celebrate a mom in your life this Mother’s Day!

**Disclaimer** We know that Mother’s Day is not an easy or happy time for everyone. Life’s Choices would like to acknowledge everyone who struggles with this holiday for whatever reason they have. We sincerely apologize if this content pains you in any way; we would never intend to do so.

A Little Bit About Love Languages

The concept of the 5 Love Languages comes from Gary Chapman, an author, speaker, and counselor for many years. Life’s Choices uses his books and content for a few of our classes that we offer. In his research, Chapman found that human beings tend to give and receive affection in primarily 5 different ways. He calls these our love languages and knowing them could help you interact well with the people whom you love.

We encourage you to read through all 5 below and think of which one relates to the mother you want to honor this season. We will give you some good tips and ideas for how to speak to her in her love language. Learning and speaking someone’s love language is an incredibly effective way to let them know how much you care! Here is how you can start celebrating a mom with her love language

Love Language #1: Words of Affirmation

Someone who has Words of Affirmation as their love language is a person who feels the most loved when they experience kind and thoughtful words. They appreciate written notes and cards, and will remember compliments for years after they are given. These are the people who tend to be more sensitive to hurtful words and jokes, and they also tend to give love to others in the form of words of affirmation.

How To Honor a Mother Using Words of Affirmation

  1. Hand make a nice card and write something special you appreciate about her.

  2. Write her a poem or a song

  3. Make an “encouragement box” filled with little notes of encouragement for her to open when she needs it

  4. Make sure you communicate your thanks for all that she does for you

  5. Speak well of her when you are in a group together

  6. Write a post on social media remembering a good memory that you shared together

Love Language #2: Physical Touch

Physical Touch people are ones who feel closest to you when you are physically communicative. This love language can be difficult to communicate with if you are not a Physical Touch person, but we encourage you to try! Someone with this love language really likes to know when someone is close by. They are affected by someone’s physical presence. This could look like: sitting close to them, holding their hand, etc.

How to Honor a Mother Using Physical Touch

  1. Spend some time sitting with her over a cup of tea or coffee

  2. Give her plenty of hugs

  3. Gifting her a massage or a manicure

  4. Making sure you physically see her often, not just calling or texting her

  5. Be present when you are with her; look her in the eye and focus your attention on her

Love Language #3: Acts of Service

This love language will almost always be meaningful to a mom. Acts of Service is a love language to people who tend to be task-oriented, practical, or who are just plain busy! To show someone love using this love language means you are helping them with a task to ease the  stress in their life. Shortening someone’s “to-do” list and giving them your time and effort will speak volumes to them.

How to Honor a Mother Using Acts of Service

  1. Perform a household task that you see needs to be done

  2. Offer to run errands with/for her

  3. Plant some flowers around her lawn

  4. Ask her if she needs any help with a project she wants to accomplish

  5. Plan a day to do some work together, then go out afterwards

  6. Always thank her for the hard work she does

Love Language #4: Receiving Gifts

We teach the 5 Love Languages in some of our healthy relationship classes at middle and high schools. The students always tilt their heads a bit when we mention this love language because it sounds a little materialistic and selfish. That is not what this love language is all about. Receiving Gifts is simply saying that this person really appreciates physical reminders of a loved one’s affection. The gift in question could honestly be something as small as an interesting postcard you saw at a gift shop, or a coffee dropped off at their place of work. To a Receiving Gifts person, it is not about the expense of the gift, just the thought behind it.

How to Honor a Mother Using Gifts

  1. Bring her flowers of her favorite color

  2. Gift her something small but useful for her life

  3. Remember her favorite anything: candy, restaurant, movie, etc. and gift accordingly

  4. Make her a photo book of some of your good memories for her to keep

  5. Think of her favorite activity and get her something related to that

  6. A mug, a plant, or a snack is always a good idea!

Love Language #5: Quality Time

The person who loves Quality Time really just loves to be with you. It doesn’t even matter if you are doing something fun or interesting, as long as you two are spending meaningful time together, they are happy. Good conversations over a meal, taking a walk on a trail, even grocery shopping together are all great ways to connect using this type of love language. Just make sure that you are intentional with the time; ask good questions, listen, and try not to be on your phone too much!

How to Honor a Mother Using Quality Time

  1. Plan an afternoon together doing a few things you know she enjoys

  2. Put together a puzzle or play some board games with her

  3. Go to dinner and a movie with her

  4. Intentionally have a meaningful conversation with her, and listen to her actively

  5. Get coffee and pastries together at a new cafe

  6. Invite her to come along with you on some errand you have and make it fun!

This Mother’s Day, try celebrating a mom with her love language! You can love a mom well by observing her love language and then speaking it! Odds are, if you have a mom in mind, you can probably guess her love language just by knowing her. If you can’t seem to pin one down for her, that’s okay! All of these love languages are effective in showing someone affection. As long as you try, she will see your effort and be moved.

To any mom currently reading this: Life’s Choices wishes you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

You are amazing and we hope your day is filled with smiles and love!


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