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Blessings In Baby Bottles

Blessings in Baby Bottles

Each year, on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, Life’s Choices partners with a collection of local churches for our annual Baby Bottle Fundraiser.

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday was this Sunday, January 22nd, so the fundraiser is now in full-swing! We sent out hundreds of empty baby bottles, ready to be filled with donations to help support our ministry.

If your church is partnering with Life’s Choices and you have decided to fill a baby bottle, here are 10 ways to make the most out of this fundraiser!

1. Have you children fill their bottles!

Offer to match the amount your kids contribute!

2. Put a bottle at your workplace for others to participate along with you.

This could be a great way to tell your co-workers about what we do! Word-of-Mouth is one of the best ways to promote Life’s Choices.

3. Declutter.

Get an early start on your spring cleaning. Find some things in your home to sell and add your earnings to your bottle.

4. Make a sacrifice.

Could you skip the coffee line for a month? Eat frozen pizza at home instead of ordering out? Is there something you could sacrifice during the fundraiser?

5. Collect loose change!

Make it fun! See who can find the most change around the house! Every little bit helps!

6. Have a little friendly competition!

Compete with another family in your church! Whoever wins hosts a game night at their house!

7. Share it on your social media!

You can show your progress and encourage your friends/followers to donate as well.

8. Get your church connected with Life’s Choices!

If your church fellowship is not already participating in our Baby Bottle Fundraiser, contact our offices to learn how you can connect us to your congregation! Many churches also host this fundraiser in May, so no worries if you missed this one!

9. Clean out your car!

Let’s be real. How many loose coins are hiding in your cup-holders or under your floor mats?

10. Pray for the Life’s Choices clients who will be blessed by your contribution.

Even after you return your bottle, you can keep our clients and staff in your prayers!

There are many other ways to make this fundraiser interesting and memorable! Let us know how you and your family decided to fill your baby bottle!

On a serious note, we genuinely could not be able to run as we do without your generosity. Due to donations from individuals, families, churches, and organizations, we can offer free services to those who need it. We will never get tired of saying this – if you have supported Life’s Choices in the past, if you currently support us, or if you plan to do so in the future, THANK YOU!


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