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Shining in Berks County: Summer of Light 2022

Our son was a new dad for less than 24 hours when he sent me this text message: “Mom,” he wrote, “I don’t think I ever thanked you for what you went through to bring me into this world.” Witnessing the birth of his daughter gave him new appreciation for the strength of a woman and the miracle of life. A woman’s mental, emotional and physical stamina to not only survive birth, but willingly repeat the experience, is truly remarkable!

And giving birth is just the beginning. The powerful instincts of a mother to protect and nurture her offspring is incredible to behold. Those instincts create a strength and resolve that enable her to overcome obstacles and beat all odds.


For a woman considering abortion because she believes that having a child will keep her from reaching her goals, at Life’s Choices we want her to know she does not have to make that difficult choice. To quote Winnie the Pooh “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” A.A. Milne

At Life’s Choices, we don’t think a woman has to choose between being a mom and having a successful future. She can be a mom and finish school. She can be a mom and have a career. Women are excellent multitaskers. In fact, a child is often the motivator that inspires a parent to reach greater levels of success and achievement.

The world around us tells women they can’t and shouldn’t embrace motherhood or that they’re all alone should they choose to give their child life. With so many destructive messages surrounding women, we know that they need truth, support and love more than ever.


Sometimes it seems that darkness and death have permeated our culture. Predictions of a gloomy summer fill the news, but we have the promise from Scripture that the darkness can never extinguish the light. Rather than gloom and doom, at Life’s Choices we’re predicting a summer of LIGHT! We’re determined to break through the darkness by allowing the light of Jesus to shine through us. Life-giving words and actions brighten the atmosphere, and this noticeable difference is having an impact.

One way we’re being a place of light in the community is through early pregnancy confirmation ultrasounds at our Kutztown office in Berks County, Pennsylvania. A pregnancy test alone gives very little information. Whether a pregnancy is planned or unplanned, whether someone desperately wants to be pregnant or desperately wants to be “unpregnant,” an early confirmation ultrasound allows a woman to fully understand her current situation in order to make the best choices for her future.

We’re confident that as we focus on being a place of light and life, we can trust God with the heart of each strong woman who walks through our doors. She is capable of making positive life decisions when trusted with truth and showered with love. That is what we are here to do. If you are in need of an early confirmation ultrasound, please contact us by text or phone at 610.683.8000. We offer free ultrasounds every Tuesday starting at 9 a.m. (Appointment is required.)


We look forward to many good things happening this summer at Life’s Choices during a Summer of Light. If you would like to contribute financially to our Summer of Light Giving Campaign, you can do so here. While it is our pleasure to offer free ultrasounds, they are costly for us. Your financial gift is such an encouragement. Thank you for your support as we empower strong women and mothers to optimize their choices for a successful future.

Joy Stutzman Life’s Choices’ Executive Director


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