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6 Things That Are Important to Life’s Choices: A Look at Our Core Values

6 Things That Are Important to Life’s Choices: A Look at Our Core Values

Last Autumn, a few of our dedicated staff members met together for the day and discussed the direction, mission, and values of Life’s Choices. Among other things, a result of that meeting is this list of values that our ministry holds.

These values show our heart. If you wanted to tell someone what Life’s Choices is all about, or if you are wondering that yourself, here are 6 things that Life’s Choices really values.

1. Faith

Our faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation for everything we do. Life’s Choices’ mission is based on Christian truths and beliefs. We do not hide this fact to our donors or clients; however, we absolutely respect everyone’s freedom to believe in what they choose. We do not force our beliefs on anyone, nor do we require any of our clients to be Christians. Everyone is welcome in our offices, and our services are available whether or not someone shares our faith. In no way do we push a message onto someone if they do not want to discuss religious matters; Life’s Choices will always respect someone’s right to say no.

2. Compassion

We understand that when a woman considers abortion, all her options are hard ones. We understand that waiting for an STD test result to come back is a scary experience. We understand that parenting comes with challenges every day. Anyone who walks through our doors will be treated with open arms and a gentle heart. Life’s Choices is not here to shame, or convict, or look down upon any human. We are here to support and love our clients.

3. Truth

We commit to promoting biblical, scientific, and medical truths. In an age where truth is hard to come by, we promise to always provide trustworthy information and resources to our clients. Everyone deserves to have quality, accurate, and relevant information so that they can make the wisest and healthiest for their lives. We will not provide incomplete or tainted information about sensitive topics, but will give the truth with gentleness and tact.

4. Authenticity

We are confident in who we are and in our value to women seeking abortion. We have no need to pretend to be something we aren’t or to hide the truth of who we are. Pregnancy centers are commonly accused of using manipulation or false advertising to bring in clients. Life’s Choices will never give out false information about what services we offer. We have been a supportive resource to women and young people for over 35 years, which is a testament to our value to our clients. When someone interacts with Life’s Choices they are always told what services we do or do not provide.

5. Non-Judgement

We recognize that all have made mistakes. Our services are not offered from a position of self-righteousness. Many people who walk through our doors have come from decisions and situations that are less-than-ideal. We do not let someone’s past, present, or future decisions change our love for them. Whatever choices a client has made or is thinking of making, we are committed to being there for them in a non-judgemental way. While we may not always agree with everyone, our offices will show acceptance to anyone seeking our services.

6. Integrity

We pledge to use integrity in every aspect of our ministry, from advertisement to use of funds. Our clients will know that we are trustworthy, and we will always safeguard their privacy and safety. Life’s Choices operates through funding from individuals and organizations who share our heart for the community. We will always work in a way that is honorable and upright, so that our donors know their money is doing what they pledged it to do. Life’s Choices will always remain trustworthy and transparent.

We are proud to say that every board member, staff member, and volunteer at Life’s Choices is committed to promoting and protecting these values.


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