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Why Don’t Children Come with Instruction Manuals?

As a mother of two grown children and now the grandmother of 4 precious little boys 5, 4, 3, and 2 (no this is not a countdown but rather their ages), I continue to reflect on the above question to this day.

Everything comes with an instruction manual; from a larger item such as a washing machine to a small item such as a flashlight and everything in between. And even from a person who in junior high scored a 34% on a mechanical reasoning test, I can use both of the above without relying on the instruction manual. After all a washer has knobs with words and even a flashlight gives you either a plus or a minus telling you how to put in the batteries.

However the most precious gift we are entrusted with to nurture and develop comes with no instructions. They have no “writing on their” sweet little bodies giving us hints as to what might make them do what we would like them to do.

Now don’t get me wrong. I made it through years of child rearing and not only did my children survive but it must have been a somewhat positive experience since they too have embarked on the journey of parenthood.

Whether you are a first time parent to be who wants to learn everything you can or the parent who is finding themselves with a very “spirited” child and wants to get guidance now while they are still young, Life’s Choices is there to help!

From offering a variety of one on one class options with trained instructors as well as their parenting support group “Crave” there is sure to be an option to meet your needs.

Below is a list of areas where clients found assistance at Life’s Choices:

I want to breastfeed but I understand there is not a lot of time when in the hospital after giving birth to receive instruction. Life Choice’s offers 5 very comprehensive lessons on having a successful breastfeeding experience.

We’re not able to do childbirth classes at the hospital because of my husband’s work schedule. Life’s Choices volunteer RN who provides childbirth instruction was able to work out a time convenient for them to get the classes they needed!

We’re struggling with our toddler’s behavior. A couple attended parenting classes at Life’s Choices for their three year old addressing the issues they were concerned with regarding discipline while wanting to enjoy their child. A month after they started attending classes they were approached by their daycare staff indicating the positive difference that was observed in their child.

Though not an instruction manual, it’s the next best thing. Where were you, Life’s Choices, when I needed you?????



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