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Where Does Life’s Choices Stand on the Abortion Issue?

At Life’s Choices, we are often asked where we, as a pregnancy center, stand on the pro-life/pro-choice issue. To help you understand Life’s Choices heart and mission a little bit better, here are answers to a few common questions.

Is Life’s Choices pro-life or pro-choice?

While we are very clearly a life-affirming organization, we are not political activists. In fact, we have many things in common with people of all political persuasions in that we want women to be empowered, to have choices, to have reliable information in order to make a decision about her pregnancy, and to have a successful future. Our supporters come from both political parties.

The reality is that every woman has a choice when it comes to her pregnancy. She can choose to carry her baby to term, or she can choose to abort her baby. Only she can make that choice. It is our desire to offer her a safe, judgment-free zone to make a pregnancy decision that she will be able to live with, having no regrets.

We are able to help by providing all the information she needs to make an informed decision, including what to expect with an abortion (we use a booklet provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Health), information about adoption, and the support that is available if she chooses to parent her child. We understand that she may be at a place where all her options are hard ones. It is our hope that she will find us to be a place of safety and compassion.

Does Life’s Choices pressure a woman to change her mind if she is seeking an abortion?

It is our goal to relieve pressure when talking with a woman about her pregnancy, not add pressure. She may feel pressured to terminate quickly before the pregnancy progresses. She may be feeling pressure from the baby’s father, her parents, or friends to make the decision that they think is best for her. Our mission is to help her to think clearly, without panic or pressure. Making decisions under pressure is never a good practice especially when the decision is irreversible.

We believe women are capable of making their own decisions when given accurate information and weighing the risks and consequences of each option. The resources we use are medically credible, often provided from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, citing research, and approved by our medical director.

In addition to medical information, we are able to share a different perspective: that of the woman who has been in her situation and is now looking back. While every woman’s experience will be unique, we believe it is helpful to see things from the perspective of others who have travelled that road before. At Life’s Choices we have the advantage of hearing the stories of many women who found themselves in an unexpected, untimely pregnancy. Their experience regarding the decision they made can be helpful to someone else.

Is Life’s Choices pro-woman or pro-baby?

Since an unborn baby is completely dependent upon his or her mother, the best way we can care about the baby is to care for the mother. We are passionate about helping women be successful. We want every woman to know that she can enjoy the rewards of parenting without sacrificing a great future. We want her to know it’s possible to have a baby and continue her education. We want her to know she can have a baby and a successful career. Women are incredibly strong, and it is our passion to tap into that strength when providing her with information and resources.

Our experience is that women respond positively to the care and compassion they receive at Life’s Choices, regardless of her pro-life or pro-choice position. As in many things, what one believes in theory is often very different than the choice one makes when it becomes personal, and that goes both ways in regards to abortion.

For those who go on to terminate their pregnancy, we welcome them to continue a relationship with us since they may experience many conflicting emotions. It is common to feel some immediate relief along with grief and loss. Our post abortion Bible study has been helpful for many women to process their abortion experience.

Here With Open Arms

We are here with open arms to welcome any woman who finds herself in need of pregnancy support, parenting resources, or post abortion recovery. If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, we welcome you to contact Life’s Choices today for help and support at no cost to you.

We offer a variety of free resources including confirmation ultrasounds and pregnancy tests, prenatal and parenting classes, relationship classes, baby bundles, STD/STI testing and more.

Disclaimer: Life’s Choices does not provide abortion referrals.


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