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Think Outside the Box of Chocolates

Valentine’s Day is a great time to indulge in the sweetness of spending time with someone you love.  This year, why not think outside the box of chocolates. Here are six great ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart!


Pay a visit to The Art Store or The Dollar Tree and stock up on paper, tissue, markers, chalk, stickers, and whatever your cupid’s heart desires for Valentine-making. Spend an evening cutting and pasting, and writing love poems to each other. Play some big band music and sip hot chocolate while you discover your artistic side.


Take your date to Barnes and Noble. First stop: coffee counter. Then browse the travel section and dream about places to visit while you sip your Venti Triple-Shot Skinny Vanilla Latte with a Smidge of Cinnamon.


Bundle up and rediscover the thrill of snow tubing at Bear Creek Mountain Resort. Or enjoy the sensation of a chill in your lungs while hiking to The Pinnacle from the Hamburg Reservoir. Don’t forget a picnic lunch and a thermos of hot coffee to enjoy at the top!


Scour Pinterest for the most scrumptious looking dessert. Make a grocery list and cruise the aisles of Giant Food Store on a shopping cart. Go back home to whip up the concoction while watching (and making fun of) a Valentine’s Hallmark movie. Don’t forget the tissue box (you’ll need it for the commercials).


Unattached this Valentine’s Day? Or does Valentine’s Day fall awkwardly early in a new relationship? No worries, invite a group of friends to join you at Ozzy’s Family Fun Center for Laser Tag and Go-karts. Pick up a couple half gallons of ice cream and finish it up at someone’s house for Head’s Up Charades and a nasty case of brain freeze.


Contact a retirement home and plan a night of Bingo with the residents, hosted by you and your sweetheart. Buy a bunch of Valentine gifts at the Dollar Tree to give out as prizes. Hint: DON’T go without prizes, they will not be happy. Afterwards ask for volunteers to share their love stories. I guarantee you will be well entertained.

For more ideas of how to cultivate healthy, LIFE-GIVING rather than LIFE-DRAINING relationships contact Life’s Choices. We’re all about Healthy Relationships!


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