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Summer Fun: Quarantine Approved!

Since schools have been closed for a few months already, the timing of “summer vacation” probably feels surreal for many parents and their kids. Summer sports, pools, and many outdoor activities are being cancelled, yet we’re all looking for life to be more “normal.” During these challenges, parents need creative ideas to engage their kids and build family relationships, so we went searching for some ideas to help parents with the summer of 2020.


1. Virtual Field Trips –

Whether it’s a virtual tour of Apollo 11 or using Google Earth to tour the world, check out this website for a lot of cool ideas if the weather is bad or if a lock down is still in effect.

This site offers recommendations and free apps for all ages.

2. Stretch Your Brain –

Learning a new language is fun and educational on Duolingo, but there are a variety of other options here. Also, National Geographic has a vast array of ideas and materials available online and is only a click away.


Parents magazine online has great, inexpensive ideas to keep young minds and bodies active through the summer months. Build an outdoor obstacle course, camp in your own backyard, volunteer or tour your hometown are just a few of the ideas they suggest.

What about teens? They need some ideas, too, like volunteering for a local charity, burying a time capsule to open when they are 25, or starting their own business! Here are a few links to check out:

We hope these ideas are helpful. Remember, our kids really just want our time and attention, so keep building memories that will keep family connections strong!


If you find yourself needing some help with parenting issues, we have plenty of free parenting resources and informative videos that we can send your way and discuss with you. Parenting can be challenging at times, but we are here for support!

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