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Six Questions to Ask an Abortion Provider

Six Questions to Ask an Abortion Provider (before scheduling an appointment!)

The key to getting good information is knowing what questions to ask. Here’s some help!

If you or someone you know is facing an unintended pregnancy, we understand that every choice you have is a hard one. In the state of Pennsylvania, abortion is a legal option for you for up to 24 weeks. However, there is a lot to research and learn before you confidently make that decision. It is your right to have access to safe, reputable healthcare. These questions are designed to help you screen abortion providers to help ensure the clinic, physicians and other medical professionals are operating according to state guidelines.

There are many important facts and details that must be considered before scheduling an appointment at an abortion clinic. Remember:

Right now, you are your own reproductive health advocate. Your health and well-being is in your hands. Do not hesitate to ask questions and find answers.

Here are 6 questions to ask an abortion provider before scheduling an appointment with them.

Question #1 Is the physician who will see me licensed in this state?

Before any medical procedure, it is wise to research and verify the provider who will see you. Request the name of the physician who could be helping you at the abortion clinic and ascertain their licensure. This will help you know if you will receiving adequate services.

Question #2 Will the procedures and risks be explained to me?

It is so important to be educated on the details and risks of the abortion procedure. With both surgical and medical abortion (the abortion pill), there are so many vital things to know before you choose that option. Before scheduling an appointment, you need to know whether you will be given accurate and comprehensive facts. The truth is that there are risks, and there have been many negative effects recorded for women who have had abortions. Make sure you discuss all of this with them. If they are negligent in this area, know that they are not being truthful or transparent. If you would like some information, Life’s Choices has reliable resources that can help you stay educated about abortion.

Question #3 Will I be able to view an ultrasound before the procedure is performed?

This is a critical step that is designed to keep you safe. We strongly recommend any woman who is considering an abortion to have an ultrasound beforehand. This quick procedure gives you essential information that will be needed to maintain your safety, should you decide to abort. Among other reasons, an ultrasound will help determine the gestational age, which directly impacts the type of abortion you are eligible for. If a pregnancy is further along than you think, that will create complications, especially if you take the abortion pill (plan C).

An ultrasound will also determine if the pregnancy is ectopic, which you need to know to keep yourself safe. An ectopic pregnancy will not be removed by the abortion pill and needs to be identified as quickly as possible to keep you safe. If you will not be allowed to view an ultrasound before your abortion procedure, that is a major red flag. You are your own health advocate and you should be able to access all the details of your pregnancy.

Life’s Choices offers FREE ultrasounds and options-counseling appointments so you can know everything you need to know about your pregnancy!

Question #4 If complications occur, will the doctor at your clinic provide follow-up care or would I need to see my own physician?

This is an incredibly important topic to discuss before you begin to schedule your abortion appointment. Abortion is not always as effective, painless, or simple as many people think. You will need to know what to do if this should happen to you. Open conversations about the risks and possible complications of abortion will help you protect your safety. Feel free to contact us to talk about what sort of complications might arise from an abortion so you can stay fully informed!

Question #5 What is the full cost of the procedure?

This is always a good question to ask, not just with medical procedures, but in life! Abortions can be costly, so you will want to know exactly how much money will be needed for your procedure. Unfortunately, as stated in the above paragraph, some abortions develop complications, which will add to your medical bill, should you need further care.

At Life’s Choices, we are your Free First Step! All of our resources, information, pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and other services are completely free, 100-percent of the time. Not everyone has access to medical insurance, funds for medical care, or information about pregnancy options. We are here to be your first step in determining how to handle your pregnancy. No judgment, no lies, no cost!

Question #6 Will I be able to bring a support person with me to my appointment?

An abortion procedure is a big choice, often with strain on a woman’s mental and emotional health. Having a support person in the room with you, to help you make your choice and advocate for your safety is something we strongly suggest. A support person can help make sure that you get the information and care you need. If the abortion clinic does not have this as an option, we consider it a big red flag. You deserve the ability to have a supporter with you during your appointment, so you can feel safe. Even if you take the abortion pill, please let someone know and have someone with you so they are there for support.

These are just a few of the discussions that you need to be having with any potential abortion provider. We want you to be safe and to know exactly what is going on. You should have ALL of the information that you deserve to know. Use these six questions to ask an abortion provider to keep yourself educated and informed about everything to do with the abortion process.

If you want to talk more about abortion, pregnancy, or anything relating to your reproductive health, our doors are always open to you! We want you to be the best health advocate you can be for yourself!

Disclaimer: This post is not encouraging young women to seek abortions; Life’s Choices does not perform abortions nor do we refer clients to abortion centers. However, we do see many young women who are considering that option, and we strive to give them the most helpful information they need to make an informed decision. That being said, one of our free resources is a simple list of good questions to ask an abortion provider. These young women deserve to have the essential information needed before scheduling an abortion appointment.


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