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Pregnant and Scared? Here’s Why You’re the Best Mom for Your Baby

If you’re in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy, it’s possible the thought of birthing and parenting a child initiates fear or resistance. Maybe you’re thinking, “There’s no way I can have this baby.” And in many ways your fears are valid – being a mother can be challenging. If it’s your first child especially, the transition to motherhood is quite an adjustment. But we believe that with all the difficult aspects of motherhood, the beauty of it overshadows the hard things. This might not be the journey you would have chosen for yourself, but it’s one that is completely worth your time, effort and love.

It’s natural to be a bit scared about being pregnant. Maybe deep in your heart you desire to mother your child, but knowing what you don’t know scares you and you don’t think you can do it. We’re here to tell you that you can do it!

Here’s why we believe you’re the best mom for your baby:


Whether you have cared for someone else’s child before or have never even held a baby… Whether you have read 1,000 parenting books or have read exactly zero books… Whether you have seen friends and family members parent before or know no parents at all… …There is nothing like having your own child – and that’s a good thing! God designed motherhood to be unique and instinctive. No one knows everything about motherhood, and every first-time mother (and even a seasoned mother) experiences some sort of panic about not knowing what to do at some point in their motherhood journey … and that’s normal. Every mom learns along the way, and you’ll be surprised by how much you naturally know or figure out simply by being your baby’s God-given mother!


It’s common knowledge that babies are born… but did you know that mothers are born, too? At that moment of conception, something occurs that hasn’t before: motherhood! And when you give birth to your baby, it’s first cry releasing as he or she enters the world, something beautiful, new and natural grows inside of you. People don’t often talk about how women change a little bit (and sometimes a lot) when they become mothers, because they are now experiencing a part of themselves they’ve not yet tapped into.

As the days and months and years pass, you will continue to grow into this newly birthed role of “mother.” You won’t be the mother you want to be overnight, and just as your child changes, grows and develops with each stage of life, you will, too! Give yourself room to learn and grow, and let yourself embrace the journey with joy and grace.


The reality is: no one’s perfect. No one will make the right decision or react the best way 100 percent of the time. There will be days you make mistakes and lose your patience. There will be days you feel discouraged and defeated. But there will also be days you see your child finally understand something you’ve spent countless hours teaching them. And there will be moments you see how the deep love you’ve invested in your child was worth every struggle and frustration.

Even with all the hard moments and mistakes, when it comes down to it, your child needs you because you’re their mama! Children don’t need perfection … they just need your presence, both physically and emotionally. Parenting takes sacrifice of time, energy and self, but with it comes abundant blessing and growth!


If you’re pregnant and reading this right now, you’re already doing amazing things. Here are a few unseen things taking place at this moment:

  1. Your body is growing an entire human. THAT IS AMAZING! Even though you can’t see it, and even if it’s too early to feel your baby’s movements yet, your child is developing in incredible ways. From forming a little tiny nervous system to maturing each ligament and facial feature, your baby is rapidly progressing and changing each day.

  2. If you’re researching what to do now that you’re pregnant, it means you’re thinking and learning. You’re developing opinions that will shape your decision, and that means you have the capability to REASON.

So, not only are you doing incredible things physically but mentally and emotionally as well. If God has given you the baby in your womb, then you are capable of mothering this child!


Even if you don’t feel like you have the foundation or background to be a mother yet, you’re not entering this journey alone! Whether or not you have a “village” around you to support you, we’re here for you. Life’s Choices is staffed with a team of trained women who care about you and want to help! From free prenatal resources to one-on-one parenting classes, Life’s Choices is here to provide you the support you need at no cost to you.

Though this may not be the journey you planned to be on, don’t be afraid to embrace the beauty of motherhood. Life is miraculous, and children are a blessing from God. You have been gifted with the opportunity to learn and grow within a new type of life and love. If you’re looking for help and support as you prepare to be a parent, Life’s Choices is here for you. You are the BEST mama for your baby, and we’re here to help you tap into your natural, God-given abilities to love and parent your child. Contact us today for more information about our free prenatal, parenting and relationship resources!


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