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Need Help Getting Ready for Your Bundle of Joy? We can help with a Baby Bundle!

Whether a pregnancy was planned or not, many of our clients report feelings ranging from excitement to fear, from readiness to worry. Some are concerned about maintaining a healthy pregnancy while juggling other responsibilities. Others are unsure what kind of mother they will be. Some can’t quite picture how life will look when a new baby is added to the mix.

It’s important to note all of the above feelings are normal. And it’s also good to realize that the same woman may experience all of the above emotions, sometimes in the same day.

At Life’s Choices, one of our goals is to provide practical support to women as they progress through pregnancy. A key way we provide that support is through our Healthy Start Baby Bundle. It’s a simple concept and one that we can continue to provide to women as our nation works through handling the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic and related social distancing.

Parenting classes + social distancing = totally doable!

We take the health of our clients very seriously and are happy to say we already have a method in place to offer ongoing classes, like those offered through our Baby Bundle, through virtual learning appointments. Clients select each week’s topic and are sent a link to watch a video and review worksheets. Then, at their appointment time, they call their representative in our office to discuss. Easy-peasy and very personal! Contact us to set up your first online learning class.

Here’s how our Baby Bundle works: a woman signs up for the program by filling out a few simple forms. Then she selects a dozen classes from topics that will best prepare her for pregnancy. Options include:

  1. Trimester overviews

  2. Dealing with emotions of pregnancy

  3. Health and safety including nutrition

  4. Prenatal baby development

  5. Infant care

  6. Preparing the home for a baby

  7. More!

We have classes for moms planning to go back to work and even have topics especially for dad.

What about dad?

Pregnant clients are welcomed and encouraged to include the baby’s dad in their learning experience. Dads can take all the classes with mom or take classes on their own if that works better. In addition to all the regular prenatal education options, we have several topics and series for first-time and seasoned dads. Dads who take classes earn additional points for baby items in our client boutique.

Classes are typically held weekly, take about an hour and are run by a client representative. The expectant mom/couple also will take childbirth and breastfeeding classes (three more classes total) with our nurse or certified instructor. (If the baby’s dad is unable to serve as a birthing coach, another friend or family member is welcome as part of this support team.)

Once the 15 classes are complete, the mom earns a new car seat. This is something essential to bring home for a newborn. In fact, most hospitals won’t let families head home with baby without a car seat. Along the way, mom also receives other needed items and services (like prenatal vitamins and confirmation ultrasound) as well as the promise of a professional newborn baby shoot once the baby arrives.

And here’s the great part: this program is absolutely free!

Not only do our Baby Bundle clients get a free car seat, but they also earn points toward other needed baby items: clothing, toys, diapers, wipes and other essentials. And, of course, they also benefit from gaining practical knowledge, building a supportive relationships with their client representative and also relief from some of the stress and worries they experience as motherhood approaches.

If you are interested in our Healthy Start Baby Bundle, send an email to or send a text to our Kutztown (610.683.8000) or Hamburg (484.660.3526) offices. A client representative will be happy to answer any questions or set up your first appointment.

Thanks for reading about our Healthy Start Baby Bundle, a great way we offer help and hope to our community!


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