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Beginning Spring 2022: Abortion Healing Bible Study

“I just felt put at ease realizing I’m not in this alone. I can’t express how much relief I felt to finally have it out in the open.” – Phyllis, Surrendering the Secret participant

If you’ve ever suffered from abortion regret, you’re not alone. Many women have experienced pain or regret after choosing to have an abortion. But there is healing and redemption available.


One participant of Surrendering the Secret, an abortion healing Bible study, shares her story of grieving her unborn child and finding healing. After carrying the weight of her abortion with her for many years, Phyllis connected with Life’s Choices and began the Bible study along with other women also walking through abortion regret.

“50 years is a long time to carry guilt,” Phyllis told Life’s Choices’ Executive Director Joy Stutzman. “I would push it down and forget about it for a while. Then it would pop up again, and I’d push it down again. Finally, I decided I’ve got to talk to somebody about this. That’s when I talked to my pastor and got in contact with Life’s Choices.”

The grieving and healing process is different for everyone, but Surrendering the Secret is a great place to start. Phyllis found the Bible study to be a safe place to process her experience and move forward. She has found healing and redemption in knowing that she will one day be reunited with her unborn child. Yet, Phyllis continues to mourn the part of her family tree that is now missing because of her abortion. “I realized although my family was at that time about 17 or 18 strong, I was missing a whole branch that I foolishly got rid of. There would have been another child, another spouse, more grandchildren,” Phyllis said.

Watch her whole story here:

If you’re struggling with regret over an abortion — whether recent or one you had years ago — we welcome you to join us for Surrendering the Secret, an eight-week Bible study designed to help post-abortive women find restoration and hope through God’s forgiveness, grace and love. The first class will begin Monday, March 7th.

To sign up or learn more about the abortion healing Bible study, visit our event page here, or reach out in confidence to Life’s Choices at 610.683.8000 or


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