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4 Ways to Invest in Your Relationship This Valentine’s Day

Romance and thoughtful gifts are a sweet aspect of Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t love fragrant flowers and chocolate treats?

But romance alone won’t sustain a healthy relationship. For a relationship to thrive, both members must be willing to selflessly invest of themselves — to put the other person’s needs before their own. So, what are some practical ways to accomplish this?

Here are four ways you can invest in your relationship this Valentine’s Day and every day:


It’s easy to get consumed with the routines of life. We’re all busy, and while it’s important to prioritize your work and productivity, your relationship should be at the top of your priorities list.

Each of us is constantly changing and transitioning into who we’re becoming — even in adulthood. As you and your significant other continue to develop and grow, instead of growing apart from each other, work to grow together. Quality time is essential in continuing to get to know your significant other through all of life’s developments. Prioritize setting aside focused time with your significant other, however that looks for you both!


As you deepen in your relationship, it’s easy to assume you know everything there is to know about your partner. But taking their thoughts and perspectives for granted can be a dangerous relationship killer.

Whether in disagreements, discussions or just basic communication, listening to understand your partner is key! When we take time to truly hear what our significant other is trying to communicate rather than planning our next response as they speak, they will feel heard and, as a result, loved.


We often mean well, don’t we? But sometimes our gestures feel underappreciated or unnoticed. We buy our significant other an expensive necklace, but they don’t seem impressed. We throw them a lavish surprise party, but they’re uncomfortable through the entire event. So, where have we gone wrong? Here’s a question to consider: are we truly serving them based on their specific needs, or are we considering instead what *we* would want?

This is where the listening skill is an important one! As you listen more clearly to your significant other, you will begin to learn and understand what makes them tick. Do they feel more loved when you speak or act in a certain way toward them? What’s most important to them? What do they value and appreciate? Maybe that fancy jewelry turned them off because they’re stressed by your current financial situation. Or maybe instead of a big party, they would have benefited from a quiet movie night at home with you and a few close friends.

Continue to find out who they are and what they need, and serve them based on those individual needs.


While this may seem like a basic tip, praying for your significant other is a crucial aspect of a healthy relationship. When we pray for one another, we not only include God in our relationships, but we invest in a spiritual bond with our loved ones.

It’s been said that it’s difficult to stay angry at someone if you pray for them — and we believe that’s true. Taking a step back and bringing your significant other before God centers the relationship, both in times of turmoil and of peace. When we take the focus off of ourselves and remember that our significant other is valued and loved by God, we begin to see him or her as God does. Prayer produces a healthy attitude toward one another, and it’s an essential part of a thriving relationship.


We hope these tips inspired you this month to begin healthy patterns in your relationships if you haven’t already. Investing in your relationship will take time, but it’s worth every minute.

Did you know we offer FREE relationship classes at both our Kutztown and Hamburg, Pennsylvania offices? We also offer a variety of other classes, too! All of our classes are one-on-one with your own personal coach, catered to your schedule and at no cost to you.

We would love to be a free resource for you as you seek to invest in your relationship! Schedule your relationship class today, or give us a call today (Kutztown: 610-683-8000, Hamburg: 484-660-3526).

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